Moorpark Symphony Orchestra

Mission Statement:

As a non-profit, artistic organization, the mission of the Moorpark Symphony Orchestra is to provide high quality, affordable musical performances that delight our audiences. Our objective is to inspire, entertain, and serve our community one note at a time.

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The MSO is an organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. The MSO has a board of directors that oversees their activities with offices in Camarillo, Ca.
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Meet the Musicians of the Moorpark Symphony Orchestra

Our Story

James Song founded the Moorpark Symphony in 1991, and has watched it grow into the large, independent organization that it is today. His vision & perseverance has not only benefited the orchestra, but earned him the admiration & affection of all the musicians that have had the pleasure of playing under his baton over the decades. In 2021 he retired, and we will all miss his presence with us on stage. MSO is honored to call him our Founding Director.

Notable Members