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Charles Fernandez - Guest Conductor, 2021-2022 Season

Charles Fernandez is an Emmy and Annie nominated, award winning composers, orchestrator, conductor, teacher and bassoonist who began composing for television, film and stage in 1989.

He has composed for television series such as Disney’s: Little Mermaid, Alladin, 101 Dalmatians, Bonkers and Doug; Amblin/Universal’s Casper Cartoon Series (for which he received two Emmy and one Annie Nomination); Dreamworks’ Toonsylvania; Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, among others. Among film’s he’s written for are Doug’s 1st Movie/Disney; Alladin III/Disney; The Pebble and the Penguin/MGM; All Dogs Go To Heaven II/MGM; Alladin and the King of Thieves/Disney; All Dogs Christmas Carol/MGM; Babes in Toyland/MGM; Tom Sawyer/MGM; Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein/Universal; The New Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbalina/Artisan; Jingle Bells/Artisan and The Tangerine Bear/Artisan.

As a composer, he’s written for a myriad of ensembles: Orchestra, Concert Band and Chamber Music. Many examples can be found on Youtube (Search: Charles Fernandez Music)

As a teacher, he teaches at UCLA Extension, LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School of the Arts) and Thinkspace Education (based in England)..

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