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Mission Statement:

As a non-profit, artistic organization, the mission of the Moorpark Symphony Orchestra is to provide high quality, affordable musical performances that delight our audiences. Our objective is to inspire, entertain, and serve our community one note at a time.

Our Vision:
Our desire is to enrich and bring harmony to our community with expanding symphonic performances, showcasing not only well known, beloved classics, but also new music, filmed entertainment scores and contemporary compositions. We recognize our community is diverse, and our orchestra reflects this diversity. Moorpark Symphony members range from professionals to amateurs, and provides community members opportunities to learn and grow musically. We also acknowledge that music is a form of communication that connects us, and expresses a higher value that elevates our experience.


We Celebrate Our Vision Through:

1.) Artistically excellent and diverse performances by community orchestra members and centered in symphony, pops concerts as well as performances by chamber orchestras and ensembles.


2.) Promotion of a wider appreciation of music through inspiring educational outreach programs serving both youth and life-long learners throughout the community.


3.) Performances and events with regional artists (visual and performing arts), that connect our community, introducing to children and families our diverse music heritage, while celebrating the joy of music.

Serving Our Community One Note At A Time.

The MSO is an organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. The MSO has a board of directors that oversees their activities with offices in Camarillo, Ca.
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