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Lilia Ayzoukian Boteva - Violin

Born in Bulgaria, Lilia’s father, who played the piccolo, surprised her with a beautiful violin for her 7th birthday. She loved her new violin, and so became a violinist in the school orchestra, and at the same time she was an actress in their theater program. At graduation, she faced a difficult choice to follow one of her two passions: violin or acting. She was accepted into the Theater Academy and became a professional actress both on the movie screen and on stage with the National Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria for 10 years.

When she met her husband, who was not Bulgarian, she faced another difficult choice in her life, this time leaving behind a successful career and her country. They lived in Beirut for 16 years, until the Civil War made it difficult for their family to stay there any longer. It was then that they decided to move to the United States with their three children. 

In 2008 her son, who was at the time the LA Philharmonic’s Vice President for Philharmonic and Production, encouraged her to pick up her violin again and get back to her roots. She feels that this was a true turning point in her life, full of excitement and feeling of coming home. It was then that she joined the Moorpark Symphony Orchestra, and has been a cherished member of our orchestra ever since. In addition, she is also a member of the Topanga Symphony, and has also played with the Westlake Village Symphony and Silver Strings.

Lilia would like to thank Maestro James Song for accepting her into his great orchestra. “You are my mentor, my supporter and my dear friend. I am blessed to be a member with the great musicians in MSO. Your my best friends and my dear Family.”

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