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Lecy Fredo - Violin

Lecy Fredo began piano and violin lessons at age 7 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She continued studying both instruments until she graduated from high school and she was asked to play a violin solo at her high school graduation ceremony. 


She entered U. Colorado on a scholarship for violin and gave a solo recital at the end of her senior year. After graduation she taught string classes in public school in Farmington, Michigan. She left this job to raise her two children and she then became a busy piano teacher. She then decided she needed to get her master's degree in piano from Oakland University.

After 35 years of teaching piano and playing violin in many orchestras in the Detroit area, her family moved to to Florida. She intended to retire, but instead she founded a business called "Music for Special Occasions" where she played solo violin and second violin in a string quartet. This business became highly successful playing for weddings, parties, and corporate events. In Florida she was also principal second violinist in a professional orchestra and was asked to act as general manager of that orchestra. 


In 2008 she moved with her family to California to help care for her first grandchild while her son and his wife worked full time and they lived in Studio City. When her grandson started kindergarten Lecy and her husband moved to a retirement community called University Village in Thousand Oaks. Lecy has played with CLU Orchestra, Westlake Symphony, and finally Moorpark Symphony and hopes to return to Moorpark when it resumes. She has accompanied the University Village choir on piano and given many solo violin performances within the the village for various activities. 


Lecy was instrumental in arranging to bring many bus loads of University Village residents to Moorpark concerts before the pandemic and they are eager to return to our concerts once they resume. 

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