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“Toreadors” MP3 “Reference Track”

This is an MSO live performance from 2011


1. Turn your camera sideways on your stand (“Landscape” mode) so that you fill the entire screen.

2. You can download the song by clicking “Download Track” on the player below.

3. There are 16 clicks at the start of this track. Please CLAP on the 4th click you hear so that we can line up the videos correctly. Make your clap as visible & dramatic as possible.

You will count: 1-2-3-CLAP, and use the next 12 beats to pick up your instrument & prepare to play


Download Your Part

Your Questions Answered:

1) What should I wear? Dress nicely for your video, but you don’t have to wear concert black. Make sure what you are wearing is appropriate for a publicly viewed video. Wear something fun.

Note: if you plan on wearing an MSO Logo shirt, make sure it’s the new logo that we bought during 

this spring’s fundraiser. Do not wear the old logo

2) Where should I make my video? Anywhere you feel comfortable. But remember, this video will be made public. So look around your camera shot carefully and make sure what you see behind you is something you are ok with showing on YouTube.

3) Should I sit or stand? Do whatever is comfortable. And whatever you choose, be sure you’re fully in the frame — turn your camera sideways into “landscape” mode.


* Note: you need not record/submit audio with your video as we are using the above recording in the final performance. But you must make sure that “physically” you are accurate with the music so that it appears you are playing.

Helpful video on how to use 2 smart devices to make your recording.  This Youtube video contains more written instructions in the description:

How to Make a “Silent Video”:


Step 1

Edit Completed Video

After your video is complete (with sound) click on “Edit” found in the top right corner.


Step 2

Locate Sound Icon

Once the edit screen is open, locate the Yellow “speaker” icon in the top left corner. Click on it.


Step 3

Mute & Save

The icon will turn grey with an X indicating your video is muted. Hit “Done” and your video is saved!

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